Kitting Services

Since September 2017, Digitized Schematic Solutions LLC (DSS) has been responsible for the program management, procuring, outfitting, and assembling 43 Airfield Damage Repair (ADR) Kits for the US Marine Corps. ADR Kits provide Marine Wing Support Squadrons and Engineer Support Battalions with the Capability to create usable landing surfaces by means of new construction and/or repair of existing facilities.

The ADR kit includes a caterpillar 279D Compact Tracked Loader (CTL) with multiple work tool attachments and other equipment such as a large walk-behind saw, cement mixer, screed, hydraulic power unit, and dozens of tools and consumable supplies. Each container is outfitted with the electrical fixtures and fabricated items necessary to secure all ADR Kit tools, equipment, and materials in place in each container prior to kit delivery. 

DSS employs a team of cross trained-professionals that perform the following tasks:

  • Purchasing, receiving, and maintaining an inventory of over 313,000 parts and all support equipment, tools, and other materials for each kit and container.
  • Pricing and documenting 23,544 Bill of Material (BOM) items ranging in price from $.05 to $85,740.00.
  • Documenting and coordinating design changes for the ADR Kit configuration drawings and the Bill of Materials BOM.
  • Outfitting and fabrication of each each 20ft x 20ft steel ISO container.
  • Inspecting, assembling, loading, and securing over 5,508,000 pounds of equipment and other items in each container.
  • Tracking all ADR Kit and CTL registration and serial numbers, IUID numbers, and warranty data.
  • Participating in Internal and Government inspections.
  • Coordinating shipment details and tracking ADR Kit deliveries to both CONUS and OCONUS locations.