Electronic One Function Diagrams (EOFD)

“SP205 and a team of on-site contractors installed SSP’s Electronic One Function Diagram (EOFD) software into Trident Training Facilities electronic classrooms, one week ahead of schedule.  This capability was provided in direct response to the Fleet’s request for greater classroom access to on-board applications and was performed without adding any scope to the on-site and other support contracts.  By adapting the at-sea application for classroom use, without requiring any EOFD software modifications, SSP enabled the Warfighter to train on and discuss the Inc 13 and Inc 14 EOFD material in a classroom environment.  This task could not have been accomplished without the stellar support from SP2015 and their contractors, who provided the media, documentation, and technical expertise that enabled SP205’s team to successfully integrate the EOFD into the classrooms.”

- Extraction from Admiral Wolfe’s February monthly All-Hands email

U.S. Army Stryker Family of Vehicles

“Training on the STRYKER Digital Schematic Tool (SDST), developed by [Digitized Schematic Solutions (DSS) LLC, Westlake Village, California} and the Log Demo Group at Shelby, MI, provided in April 09 has provided cost savings to the STRYKER Combat and Battle Damaged programs at Anniston Army Depot (ANAD). Mr. Kenneth Duncan, ANAD mechanic, after being trained to utilize this tool, trouble shot a HMS Manifold Assembly. The previous method using just the IETM would require the remove/replacement of the HMS manifold at a cost of approximately 27K each. Use of this tool identified the faulty part, a switch-cable assembly, which costs 218 dollars. In the past week, Mr. Duncan has utilized this tool on two additional HMS Manifolds and saved not only the cost of the manifold but also the labor involved to remove/replace/recharge the manifold. Time required using this tool, averaged approximately one man hour.”

- Director, Stryker Logistics, U.S. Army TACOM

Lockheed Martin

“I have finished reviewing the last of the DSS pilot demos on the F-16, F-117, C-130 and C-5 and I’m glad to say they are great!  I would like you to pass along a hearty thank you for a job well done to all the “team” members (sorry I don’t have everyone’s e-mail address) who worked on this project. I look forward to giving demos of the finished DST product to all our customers and other Lockheed Martin facilities that have also expressed a good deal of interest in getting more information on this capability for their project.”

- ILS Manager, LMCO Aero, F-16, F-117, C-130, C-5

U.S. Army Logistics

“This has been an excellent tool in giving informal classes to unit’s personnel in isolating equipment system problems. It has helped me by giving me a visual aid of what is going on with their equipment systems, such as Electrical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic. The cost saving by using the DSS DST program is unimaginable.”

- TACOM LAR auto, AMC-LES, Q-West, Iraq

U.S. Army National Guard

“The HMMWV DST CD has really been helpful to our vehicle mechanics. They really like it, because it has made the job much easier for them.”

- Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor, Texas National Guard (Iraq)

“I’d like to pursue a requirement for this technology in the Future Combat Systems (FCS) — it is in my mind a formidable form of embedded training.”

- MG Mitchell Stevenson, Chief of Ordinance, US Army

Mr. Wimpy Pybus, Deputy G-4 for Integrated Logistics Support, US Army to Mr. Paul Bogosian, PEO Army Aviation:

“I believe there may be potential for aviation applications of this technology and would appreciate you giving DSS an hour to show it to you.”

- Mr. Wimpy Pybus