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p2Trace™ is an integral part of the Digitized Schematic Solutions LLC, Digital Schematic Tool (DST) application. Troubleshooting is one of the major problems facing the technician / maintainer in effectively performing maintenance on most electronic systems. Most every technician / maintainer has seen a “perfectly good component” appear to malfunction because of a bad cable connector or backplane wiring harness. If determined to be the result of defective wiring, finding the specific failure can often require hours of researching technical data, which more often than not is located in one or more technical manuals. p2Trace™ reduces research time from hours to seconds by systematically eliminating wire tracing problems and providing the user with an interactive, automated map of every signal in the system, from its origin to its termination. This interactive map is pre-colorized to depict signal, ground and power. This colorization feature enhances learning by differentiating the various traces by a specific color.